Instructions on how to do an aptitude test online (logical test / matrices test)

Within a job application process, many companies do request an aptitude test online. Mostly, this is an locical test, also known as matrices test.

The candidate should should recognize the rule behind the symbols. Usually there are about 9 symbols arragend in a square or arranged in line. One symbol is missing. Mostly it’s empty or it contains a question mark. Maybe there are up to six or seven alternative possible solution symbols shown. One of them is correct, all others are usually wrong.

Here’s an aptitude test (logical test / matrices test) sample:

aptitude test sample

aptitude test sample (logical test, matrices test)

As you see the symbols above are arranged in a square (numbers 2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16), the last symbol is missing (empty). In this aptitude test you also see a line of additional symbold below the square (number 1,5,78,18,19). This is the selection of possible solutions. So you have to choice one of them. Continue reading

Job application process: doing an aptitude test

I’m an IT software developer and I would like to give you some short information about my last job application process, particularly for the aptitude test.

IT professionals often particularly value is set to logical reasoning. Therefore rely more and more HR managers heutzutags next to interview for aptitude tests. As an IT specialist and IT specialist, so you should practice beforehand necessarily Matrices online! Continue reading